I don’t get it…Maybe I am not suppose to…

I will never understand people who stay in an unhappy, unhealthy relationship…especially those with children. I see it all the time, especially living in, or near, military dominated areas. It is a sad yet very real reality.

Parents in unhappy, unhealthy relationships, do you NOT realize you are harming your children? You may not see it right away, yet you are damaging them. Their young impressionable minds are seeing it is OKAY to stay in a relationship that is miserable. Do you want your children to end up in unhappy, unhealthy relationships? Do you want them constantly arguing, dealing with accusations of infidelity, coping with verbal and possibly physical abuse?

Yes, I get it. It is easier said than done. I have been there! I wasn’t married to the guy yet we have 2 beautiful daughters together. 3 years into our relationship, I had enough! I could no longer subject my girls to the physical and mental abuse being inflicted upon me. I could no longer take the abuse, either.

When are you going to say enough is enough? When are you going to stop thinking about yourself and think about your children?

Do not recite the excuse, ” I don’t know who I am without him/her.” Now is as good a time as any to find out who you are! A person does not define you. YOU define YOU! You don’t have a job and you need him/her for financial reasons? GET A JOB! STOP MAKING EXCUSES! Learn how to take care of yourself. Everything is temporary. Yes, EVERYTHING!

Suck it up, Buttercup!