Hurricane Matthew Strikes, AGAIN…

One would think it is bad enough losing material possessions, for whatever reason, including a natural disaster. It does suck, greatly. From what I was able to document, my daughters and I lost over $40,000 in our material possessions, in addition to our home, no thanks to Hurricane Matthew.

(By the way, I also work where we lived…or did)

I am not mad…not in the least bit. I am however, sad. I worked very closely with an amazing team where I worked. For them, I am forever grateful.

For three very long months, I worked with residents and the team to ensure everything was done by the books. I made a lot of friends. I also made some enemies, through no fault of my own….except maybe one, out of hundreds. I worked tirelessly to ease the anger and frustration of many residents. I cried with many of them. I put my own issues on the back burner to ensure I was there for them, 100%.

Many of the residents did not know I lived there. Those who did not know thought I was blowing a lot of smoke. Well, news flash…I was blowing as much smoke as a broken down steam engine, dead on it’s graveyard track.

I could have lashed out at them…yet, what would that have solved? Hate only breeds hate. Anger only breeds more anger. I chose to put my own feelings aside, allowing them all to bottle up, until I got home. I cried a great many tears, mostly behind closed doors.

I put on the façade to many that I was okay; that my girls were okay. We weren’t. We were devastated. Some days where better than others and many were worse. The worst days were when people questioned my morals…wanting to know why I was still working for the company. Why should I quit my job and protest when I have responsibilities to tend to? Why would I leave a company that has done more for the residents than most other companies would do for theirs?

Fast forward to today…

It has been over six months since Hurricane Matthew caused havoc and mayhem. We are closed for business until further notice. There are so many moving parts, my head is spinning! I just know great things are coming and the company is being quite proactive to ensure what happened does not happen again….or at least to the point where the damage is nowhere near as extensive.

My heart broke today, as the realization hit, that everything truly IS temporary. Unfortunately, my job has become another casualty of Hurricane Matthew. I am going to miss the people with whom I have worked. While it does suck, I have found so many positives.

I learned a lot about the business and most importantly, a lot about myself. I have grown in so many ways through everything these last few months. I have learned I do have patience…a lot more than what I give myself credit for. I do have a humanitarian side…I lost that part of me a long time ago, or so I thought. It’s there and it comes out from time to time.

I will take everything I have learned with me as I venture on to new beginnings. I don’t have time to be angry as it solves nothing. Really, I don’t have a reason to be angry…just sad because a natural disaster’s destruction does not stop right after it happens…it is the gift that can keep on giving…

One more thing…do not trash talk the company for which I worked. They are an amazing company and I am truly grateful for all they did for me as a resident. I could not have asked for anything more.

**Disclaimer: I started this in January. For whatever reason, it never published.**





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