Devil’s Playground

Go ahead! I dare you! I dare you to bust through my rib cage and grab my heart like a savage beast! I dare you to crack open my skull and massage my brain like a masterful brain surgeon. But my soul…I don’t dare you. That, that is the devil’s playground.

Devil’s playground is a place, my place, where dreams make or break my entire being. My heart and my mind are hard enough to get to. My soul is my gift to you, should you be deserving. Once you get into my soul, that is when you know I am yours, yours for the taking.

My soul has been bent, almost broken. It has been brutally abused, not just by my heart and my mind but by monsters…people who have promised to protect the triangle of mystery. It will take someone with a strong mind, skillful heart and talented hands to stitch, and heal, the devil’s playground.

Not strong enough? Walk away. Not ready? Don’t try. The devil’s playground is where my happiness and my misery battle each other day in and day out.


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